Environmental Sustainability

“Change Yourself, Not Nature.”


Our entire lemon growing, harvesting, and processing techniques adhere to environmental requirements to conserve soil, water integrity, and the entire ecosystem. In our facilities in the North and South of Argentina, we strive to meet our key corporate sustainability goals. These are: preserving the local environment, promoting awareness and values, developing efficient production systems, reducing the use of water, and using renewable energy.


Committed to the environmental sustainability of our operations, we support the responsible use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water. In this regard, we continuously work to reduce the use of water in our factory, to avoid excessive exploitation of local resources. Likewise, we built effluent treatment facilities so that treated water can be released safely back into the environment, thus preventing its contamination.


Additionally, given that 50% of Citromax Group’s lands in Argentina are covered by native forest, we are currently working with a non-profit organization to develop a land-use plan that observes conservation policies and takes concrete action to preserve the ecosystem’s biodiversity.