The Citromax Family of Companies

Collectively, the Citromax family of companies delivers outstanding fresh fruit, processed fruit products, flavors, essential oils and fragrances to companies and consumers around the world.

Citromax S.A.C.I. and Citromax USA, with facilities in Tucuman, Argentina and New Jersey, provide global leadership in lemon horticulture, packaging and production. The company processes over 180,000 tons of fruit each year and is recognized for fresh lemon and processed lemon products that include juices, pulp cells, oils, aromas and lemon peel.

Citromax Flavors, also headquartered in New Jersey, creates a wide variety of flavors for processed foods and beverages. The company is known for producing flavors with excellent organoleptic profiles, including certified organic flavors.

Fritzsche S.A.I.C.A. is an Argentine affiliate that is devoted to the creation and sale of flavors and fragrances, processing of essential oils, and aroma chemicals to the Latin American market.

Berrymax, located in Argentina, offers the highest quality high bush blueberries to retailers and distributors worldwide. Numerous varieties are available including Jewel, Primadonna, Emerald, Snowchaser and more. Among the products available are Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) and certified organic blueberries.

Citroil Enterprises, based in our Carlstadt, New Jersey headquarters, provides specialty essential oil products to customers in North America.

We invite you to review our company websites to learn more about us. Each site contains links to contact us for further information.