A Month for Sustainability

Citromax: A Month of Action for Sustainability

At Citromax, we have elevated World Environment Day to a new level by transforming it into a month-long initiative filled with strategic and sustainable actions. During June, a month we’ve named +MAS, we focus on expanding our reach to a broader array of stakeholders through various activities, all aimed at environmental and social sustainability.


Our Commitment to the Circular Economy

On June 5th, we joined the global celebration of World Environment Day, reaffirming our commitment to the principles of the circular economy. We are convinced that this model is essential for a sustainable future as it promotes the valorization of each resource and the reduction of environmental impact. At Citromax, our goal is to close the life cycle of resources, thereby contributing to the development of resilient communities equipped to face climate change.




UNSTA Engineering Week: Oscar Ríos, our Chief Human Capital Officer, delivered a talk on the key competencies required for strategic dialogue between sustainability and innovation. His presentation highlighted the crucial skills that will shape the future workforce, emphasizing adaptability, problem-solving, and collaborative skills as essential for driving sustainable practices and innovative solutions within the industry. This focus ensures that our team not only embraces but leads in the integration of these critical areas, preparing Citromax to meet future challenges with resilience and ingenuity.


World Environment Day Celebration: On June 8, we had a prominent role in the provincial event organized by the Municipality of San Miguel de Tucumán at the Sports Palace, where we promoted our sustainable initiatives and made significant contributions to promote emission-free mobility.



Stand MAS CERCA TUYO: From June 11 to 14, representatives from various departments at Citromax engaged directly with employees at the canteen of our industrial and packaging plant. The goal was to foster a dialogue about our environmental initiatives and enhancing awareness among the staff. This direct interaction not only enriches our corporate culture but also reinforces a shared sense of responsibility toward our environmental objectives, strengthening our collective commitment to sustainability.



Biodiversity Conservation: In June, we donated and planted 60 native trees from the Yunga Tucumana in 19 educational institutions, kicking off the Sustainable Institutions Program (PIS). This initiative underscores our efforts to preserve and enrich the local ecosystem, contributing to environmental education and ensuring the biodiversity of Tucumán is valued and protected for future generations.


Sustainable Fashion Inspiration: Tucumán designer Cristina Cabana, who will represent our region at Milan Fashion Week, toured Citromax operations for inspiration for her new collection based on circular economy principles. Collaborating with Cristina Cabana not only highlights the versatility of the circular economy but also takes our commitment to sustainability to the global fashion stage, demonstrating that style and planetary respect can go hand in hand.


Creative Economy Dialogue: Our Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Rodolfo Arrueta, engaged in an enriching dialogue with artist Ludmila Ríos Guillen about the vital role of creativity in the economy and sustainability.





4th Circular Economy Summit in Córdoba: From June 13 to 15, we participated in this gathering of leaders and experts in energy transformation and sustainable mobility, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and sustainable practices.

SmartCity Expo Santiago del Estero: On June 26 and 27, we attended this crucial event for the technological and sustainable development of the region, where we witnessed innovative initiatives and shared ideas that improve the quality of life for communities.


Our active participation in these events reflects our ongoing commitment to education about high-impact and innovative initiatives, aligned with our vision of a greener and more sustainable future.

Date: June 26, 2024.