We work with all citrus products to provide natural or organic products with unique and superior organoleptic qualities.


At Citromax state-of-the-art laboratories, along with its staff of experienced analytical experts, advanced equipment is used to perform sophisticated QA/QC testing throughout every stage of production starting from Citromax´s lemon orchards to the validation of the quality and performance of end products. High quality processing techniques are maintained and supported by stringent quality measures. Strict adherence to quality and food safety are evident in all our certifications.


Processing and refinement are performed with state-of-the-art distillation equipment to remove unwanted or unpleasant components and concentrate those of interest. Our on-staff flavorists, chemists, and applications experts constantly evaluate these concentrated materials to determine their best use for creating unique food, beverage, and fragrance products.


Our advanced analytical capabilities; techniques and methods applied, and the rigorous monitoring of the process, with more than 300 thousand parameters measured per season, allow us to have precise and comprehensive control of the full production process.


By managing the entire product stream from the earth to the drums and bins -among others-, we meet and surpass all our customers’ expectations.