Social and Circular Economy


In partnership with government agencies, we promote social and circular economy by donating, revaluing, and reusing materials generated throughout the production process. These materials are utilized by cooperatives to provide employment opportunities for the local community, who create eco-designed objects that can be further marketed. Our aim is to create triple-impact actions, benefiting the economy, society, and the environment, while fostering a more sustainable community.

Women empowerment


More and more women are entering and ascending to hierarchical positions within the company. In the last decade we have achieved a gradual increase in the number of women in our staff, going from 6.41% in 2010, to 18.83% of female personnel in the payroll in 2022. We must leverage the remarkable diversity of people to achieve the purpose of refreshing the world and making a difference.

Sustainable Communities


We firmly believe that education, inclusion, and access to more and better opportunities are the key to transformation. That’s why we establish strategic partnerships with local organizations, share sustainability practices, and make donations aimed at supporting their environmental efforts. We also provide tools to enhance employability and offer internship and professional practice opportunities within Citromax. In 2022, we reached 1300 young individuals through our Sustainable Institutions Program.