Vertical Integration

flavor vertical integration
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The vertical integration of processes begins at Citromax’s 12,000 acres of its own lemon fields where more than one million of the company’s own lemon trees thrive in carefully maintained orchards. From planting to harvesting to processing fruit at three facilities, each with organic certification, vertically integrated disciplines are practiced according to the highest standards. At each step of the way, Citromax maintains production methods that emphasize the use of renewable resources, and the conservation of soil and water to protect the environment.

Beginning with carefully selected seeds and scions, Citromax customers have the assurance that our plants are continuously monitored by experienced agronomists. Similarly, teams of technical professionals continue Citromax’s vertical integrated processes at our processing facilities. In this way, unsurpassed and uncompromised quality control from the onset continues until processed lemon products reach their international locations.

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