Mission & Vision

Our Mission


To be a reliable global source of high-quality and safe fresh fruit and processed products, sustainably produced and delivered with outstanding customer service, while adding value to the citrus industry through relentless innovation from our highly skilled team equipped with cutting-edge technology.


We embrace new challenges and respond with state-of-the-art products and services for the benefit of the entire agri-food industry.


Vision & Values


Citromax Group is committed to becoming a market leader recognized for the excellence and quality of its products; environmentally and socially responsible. And we do it through these core values: Transparency, Dedication, Respect, Environmental Responsibility, Social Impact, Inclusion, Quality, Differentiation, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork, Innovation, Excellence, Communication, Generosity, Customer-centered Vision, Science , Passion for Action, Employee Development and Sustainable Growth..


Our Culture


We appreciate that leadership entails great responsibility, and this understanding defines our philosophy. The Citromax team addresses challenges conscientiously and at liberty to make decisions and act in pursuit of our mission and vision.


We firmly believe in teamwork and open communication, and we foster a friendly and professional work environment that encourages cooperation and collaboration through a shared vision of excellence.