Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Citromax has been defined by our team to reflect our mindset in all that we do to provide our customers with the products and services they deserve.

  • To be a reliable global source of high quality fruit and processed products, providing exemplary customer service, while adding value to the citrus industry through our ongoing and innovative breakthroughs of highly skilled people using the latest available technologies.
  • To achieve our mission, we are dedicated to the creation of an unparalleled work environment for our team that aids their personal and professional development, which in turn directly benefits the people who live in the local communities.
  • To further accomplish this objective, we understand and accept new challenges, facing them head on and transforming them into innovative products and services for the benefit of the entire Agrifood Industry.

Our Vision

The Citromax team is committed to growth and to becoming a market leader through these distinguishing characteristics:

  • Teamwork through open, clear and precise communication throughout all departments
  • People who are dedicated to further developing the company and engaging with the world
  • Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts, proactively solving our customers’ concerns and putting their needs before ours
  • Scientists, highly trained and educated professionals, exploring and pushing the boundaries of new technological frontiers that drive productivity, quality and cost savings
  • Professional development of employees, providing them with ongoing training, counseling and support, enabling them to work as a more cohesive team with a stronger bond in a friendly and professional atmosphere, enhancing individual and collective performance that directly benefits our customers’ goals and needs
  • Professionally acquired skills, which can be applied beyond the workplace to home and family, encouraging and expanding community involvement and further benefiting the local population
  • Preserving native areas and virgin forests; creating relevant and sustainable socioeconomic and ecological benefits that help preserve our environment and maintain a low carbon footprint, helping ensure a healthy future for the generations that follow
  • Multinational Food & Beverage companies, choosing Citromax as their supply partner, we share with them the same high values in the workplace and in our homes
  • The Citromax family of companies, representing industry leading innovators, employing the latest technology to benefit our employees, our customers and the local communities we serve, embracing a shared goal of leading the industry through knowledge and scientific breakthroughs
  • Trust through transparency
  • Passion for doing
  • Awareness to take responsibility of the environment
  • Intelligence to innovate
  • Generosity to share
  • Enthusiasm to think outside of the box
Our Culture

We serve each of our customers in a unique way, using our best efforts to develop processes that guarantee the excellence and high quality of all of our products and services. We are devoted to exploring and developing new worldwide opportunities.

We appreciate that leadership entails great responsibility and this understanding defines our philosophy, empowering Citromax people to address challenges directly, with the freedom to make decisions on their own, taking swift action as they meet challenges head-on to achieve our goals.

We firmly believe in teamwork and open communication among all of our people; and we work hard to foster a working environment and atmosphere that encourages cooperation and collaboration through a shared vision of excellence.

In our everyday operations, we are focused on enhancing our skills to achieve core objectives.