Clarified Lemon Juice

When only clarified concentrated lemon juice will do for your application, Citromax has the solutions. 100% natural and available in traditional and QAI certified organic varieties, our clarified lemon juice is GMO-free and made from the world’s finest lemon crops.

Product: Concentrated Lemon Juice from 300 to 550 GPL, ultra filtered, with preservatives according to customer requirements.

Description: Concentrated Lemon Juice is the unfermented but fermentable product obtained from the endocarp of mature and sound fruits of the Citrus Limon variety.

Appearance: The product has the characteristic appearance, aroma and clean taste of crystal clear lemon juice.

Process: The juice is expressed, clarified by ultra filtration and then concentrated by the physical removal of a part of the water under sanitary practices and following the GMP’s procedures. The whole process has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the quality standards for ISO 9002 awarded by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Authenticity: The product is made from 100% natural, fresh and wholesome fruit of the specified variety and is not modified in any way. Genetic manipulations are not used. The product complies with the EU Directives and complies furthermore with the AIJN Code of Practice and RSK-values.

Additives: The product does not contain any food additives.

Hygiene: The product is elaborated in accordance with the “General Principles of Food Hygiene” recommended by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Residues: Pesticides/Agro chemical residues standards comply with SENASA(Argentine), MERCOSUR, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, FAO/WHO, EPA (USA) and EU rules, Positive List (Japan) and other country regulations, always complying with whichever regulation is most stringent.

Packaging: Suitable clean, new, open top steel drums lined with double polyethylene bags or high density plastic drums. All packing material in contact with the product is food grade quality.

Marking: The side of each drum is clearly marked with the product designation, producer, country of origin, gross and net weights, lot and drum numbers and date of production.

Kosher Certification: Kosher Pareve

Acidity: 300 to 550 gr/l (GPL) as Citric Acid Anhydrous

Storage Life: Not less than 2 years when stored at -15° / -18