Citromax produces high-quality citrus oils and by-products.

Lemon Oil is the organic liquid present in small sacs (vesicles) located in the outer part of the peel (albedo) of Citrus Lemon. Citromax produces high-quality citrus oils, and by-products such as lemon essence oil, oil and aqueous; distilled lemon oil, and custom folded lemon oil.


Pesticides or agrochemical residues standards comply with SENASA (Argentine), MERCOSUR, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, FAO/WHO, EPA (USA) and EU rules, Positive List (Japan) and other country regulations. We always conform to the strictest existing regulations. Furthermore, the use of pesticides or agrochemicals at Citromax is below the average of the laws required by Japan and the United States, among others. Moreover, all our products can also be ordered based on organic lemons.


Shelf Life: No less than 2 years when stored properly.