Harvest season comes to an end

A new harvest season is coming to an end. A few weeks more and Citromax will end its 7th month period harvesting. Going back to early March when we begin our harvest we have to say that we accomplish our forecast for fresh fruit packing house and for processing.

The 2022 season was very challenging. We went through market difficulties on the fresh produce with the armed outbreak between Russia and Ukraine and Covid disruption in China. Two important markets for Argentine fresh lemons. Our market diversification was worth it and Citromax remains one of the top 5 exporters of fresh lemons from Argentina.

As our commitment to offer high quality fresh products and representing the first worldwide organic lemon grower, we started fresh exports to the US market. We will continue to support this market for people willing to get Organic products.

We had good weather conditions during the course of harvesting. This situation allowed Citromax to keep a good pace on harvesting and take care of our fields. We expect to process 205 thousand metric tons of fruit including organic products. This is an equivalent of 13.000 MT of concentrated lemon juice based on 400 gpl cloudy and 10.500 Mt of dehydrated lemon peel.

Groves are in excellent condition. Prune and spaying are going on in our orchards. Hope blooming season will come at the end of September and October.

From Citromax we are committed to strengthening our relationship with our customers based on direct, transparent and confident information. 

Author: Mariano Sangronis
Date: 22 Aug 2022
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