We have obtained several national and international certifications for our high-quality products, safety standards, and expertise.

SMETA 4 Pillars; Primary production, packing and processing of fresh lemons and blueberries.

Manufacturing, trading, storage and shipment of: Essential Oil; Concentrated and Distilled Lemon Oils; Cloudy and Clarified Lemon Juice; Dehydrated Lemon Peel, Lemon Essence Oil and Water Phase; and Lemon Pulp Cells.

BRCs Food Safety Scope: Packing of fresh citrus (lemon) in cardboard box and bins.

Reception and packing of Lemons. Manufacturing, storage and shipment of Essential Lemon Oil, concentrated and distilled; Cloudy and Clarified Lemon Juice; Dehydrated Lemon Peel; Lemon Essence, oil and water phase, and Lemon Pulp Cells.

Primus GFS Scope: Handling and processing of fresh and frozen blueberries.

Manufacturing, storage and dispatch of essential lemon oil, cloudy and clarified lemon juice, lemon essence oil phase, lemon essence water phase, dehydrated lemon peel and frozen lemon cells; packaged in Polyethylene and Polypropylene bags, steel drums, and Polyethylene containers.

Ajdut Kosher Scope: Lemon by-products and Blueberries.

Halal Scope: Lemon by-products and blueberries.

Organic Argentina Scope: OIA; Production and handling of fresh Blueberries. LETIS: Production and handling of fresh Lemons and by-products.

All Lemon Scope: Packed Fresh Lemons.

SGF Scope: Lemon Juices; Safety; Authenticity and Labelling; Traceability; Hygiene and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and Sustainability: Commitment to the AIJN Code of Business Conduct in Written Form.

Women’s Business Enterprise

Sustainable Juice Covenant Scope: Production of Fresh Lemons and Lemon Juices.

Certimex Certificado Orgánico (México)

IBD Certificado Orgánico (Brasil)

Scope: Yupi and El Solco Orchards.