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Good season for Citromax Group!

For Citromax, the current fresh fruit export season to the European market began in mid-April due to the lower volume of Spanish lemons available. While other markets such as Russia, the United States, and China, which had started early in 2021, will begin towards the middle of the year, shrinking the import window.

Bernabé Padilla, Fresh Fruit Commercial Manager at Citromax Group, explained that “Both in China and in the United States there is a large volume of local fruit, which makes them less receptive to ours. Added to this is the lack of competitiveness of the Argentine fruit sector and the large increase in logistics costs that make it difficult to send fruit to these markets.” Combined with the war between Russia and Ukraine, represents a great challenge for the fresh lemon export season. This increases the opportunity for Citromax Group to continue its new market development plan.

A milestone in the history of the Citromax Group will be the completion of its first organic lemon exports to the United States. “The organic lemon from Argentina is a novel product for the United States, where they are used to local organic lemons and lemons. In our case, the fruit will go on the open market, and we will evaluate how it is received. It is a market that needs developing and we hope to grow in this category,said Padilla. In the case of Europe, the untreated fruit will go to Germany, Holland, and Italy.

The final reflection of Padilla is that “this is a particular year and yet does not modify Citromax’s strategic nor long term plans of developing new markets, increasing fresh export volumes, and investing in new technologies for the growth in export of organic fruit, and without treatment”. Read the full article online (page 28):

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