More Actions on Sustainability

In an increasingly conscious world of the importance of sustainability, companies are playing a crucial role in protecting the environment and promoting responsible practices. Citromax, a company already committed to caring for the environment, decided to reaffirm and assume an even greater commitment, launching an awareness campaign and guaranteeing sustainability in all its aspects, not only environmental, but also social, economic and productive.

Sustainability refers to the ability to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


Through the +MAS campaign, we aim to convey our willingness to go beyond the achievements we have reached so far, to have a broader vision, and to go the extra mile. The word “MAS” in Spanish means plus, addition and is a positive sign, and that is exactly what it represents and challenges us to do. Our planet demands more awareness, more willingness, and more actions, and at Citromax, we are ready to take up the challenge.

Under the slogan “More Actions on Sustainability” Citromax has reformulated and reaffirmed its commitment to the sustainability of its operations, recognizing the need for more actions to meet environmental challenges.


Which are those actions on the path to sustainability?

– Water efficiency and energy resource utilization: The company has invested $1.5 million to expand and improve the effluent treatment system in 2023. In addition, the biogas obtained will contribute to reducing energy consumption in the production process in the medium term.

– Waste management and revaluation system: Over the past year, over 19,500 tons of organic waste have been composted, and we aim to transform the composting site into a high-quality compost plant. Moreover, our agroecological garden is fertilized with our own compost, with an area of over 1200m2 we aim to raise the supply up to 50% of the vegetables used in the kitchen by 2023.

– Protection of Natural Habitats, Biodiversity, and Ecosystems: Citromax dedicates 60% of its hectares to the protection of native flora and fauna, including some endangered species, thereby preserving local ecosystems and contributing to climate change mitigation.

– Carbon emissions: We have a plan to make Citromax carbon-neutral. Through the measurement and rewinding of our orchards and forests, we will offset our carbon footprint in the short term.

– Equity, diversity, and inclusion: Citromax is developing a policy of equity, diversity, and inclusion, with the specific goal of increasing female representation in our staff and promoting an equitable and respectful work environment, where equal recognition and opportunities are provided to all employees regardless of their gender, origin or age, among other biases.

– Strategic alliances: In 2023, Citromax expanded its network of strategic alliances with government agencies, third-sector organizations, educational institutions, and cooperatives to promote circular economy practices and foster economic, social, and professional development in its sphere of influence.


Our goal is ambitious, demanding more investment, commitment, and actions than ever before. Therefore, through the +MORE campaign, we aim not only to showcase our achievements, efforts, and goals but also to call for participation in the change, to make decisions, and to take more sustainable actions.

Sustainability can generate business opportunities and drive innovation as it encourages us to seek more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Are you interested in getting involved? We are designing a volunteer program to increase participation from various areas. If you would like to join, we invite you to complete this form and stay informed:


Author: Estefanía Scuka
Editing: Milagro Peralta
Date: June 2, 2023
©Citromax Group