Citromax, one of the world’s premier growers of lemons and leading producers of oils, juices and by-products for more than 50 years.


From grove management of our own raw materials to the time you receive our products, Citromax oversees planting, harvesting, production and processing. We produce the highest quality citrus oils and juices as well as by-products such as lemon essence oil, both oil and aqueous; distilled lemon oil and custom folded lemon oil. We’ve been successfully supplying these widely used ingredients since 1964 when we launched our own agroindustrial complex in Tucumán, Argentina.

Tucumán is one of the world’s premier lemon producing regions, a result of its unique climate. It is the site of Citromax’s 12,000 acres (4,000 hectares) of lush and rich groves that have made the company the first name in Citrus. The success of our Citromax Tucumán plantation begins in the nursery where experienced horticulture engineers grow and select each variety of lemon for planting to ensure maximum efficiency of production in the field and end products. Beginning with carefully selected seeds and scions, healthy and vigorous saplings grow under the watchful eyes of experienced agronomists. At the Citromax Industrial plant, approximately 170,000 tons of lemons are processed each year.

Citromax is a hands-on family business, founded by Jacob Glueck in the 1960s and today led and run by his daughter, Vivian Glueck, President.