PPP Training Session

On Friday, August 25th, the training for the Protected Productive Landscape Program (PPP) took place, aimed at the middle management of Citromax. This event, carried out in collaboration with the ProYungas Foundation, aimed to strengthen Citromax’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability within the context of its productive activities. The main objective was to highlight how the productive landscape is coherently integrated with forest conservation, in addition to sharing the achievements and progress of the PPP program during 2023.

It was an enriching day that saw the participation of Alejandro Brown, President of the ProYungas Foundation; Fernando Carrera, Director of Operations at Citromax; and Sebastián Couto, Operations Coordinator at Citromax. Alongside them, our managers, supervisors, coordinators, and department heads from various areas joined to share experiences, debate ideas, and learn together.

The day kicked off with introductory remarks by Sebastián Couto, highlighting the significance of sustainability efforts undertaken within the Environmental and Sustainability department, as well as the importance of the PPP program for Citromax. Following this, Rodolfo Arrueta, Citromax’s Manager of Environment and Sustainability, along with his team, outlined the day’s agenda and presented the sustainable action plans being implemented by the company, along with the short, medium, and long-term challenges.



Alejandro Brown introduced the PPP model, an innovative strategy that promotes the interaction between production and the preservation of high-value environmental spaces. Brown emphasized the benefits of the PPP for companies, such as enhanced competitiveness, improved corporate image, access to new markets, and compliance with environmental regulations. He also underscored the pivotal role middle management plays in leading the cultural shift towards more responsible and sustainable production.

Following this, the technical team from ProYungas provided a detailed overview of the progress of the PPL program at Citromax. Since 2018, the company has been committed to conserving over 10,000 hectares in Tucumán, where its main plantations and industrial facilities are situated.

The training concluded with the presentation of Citromax’s institutional video on the Protected Productive Landscape, showcasing the company’s environmental initiatives and its positive impact on local communities. This presentation was met with applause from attendees. The event served as a valuable opportunity to reinforce Citromax’s sustainable values and foster an environment of exchange and learning with ProYungas, a crucial strategic partner in advancing toward a more eco-friendly and inclusive approach to production, with a clear focus on community development and triple-bottom-line impact.

We extend our gratitude to Silvia Pacheco for presenting the program’s scope, to Roberto Cáseres for sharing the biodiversity monitoring study, to Martín Lepiscopo for his contribution to the carbon study in forests and plantations, and to Lilian Alford for presenting the PPL program video.

Date: August 28, 2023.