Punto Tafí

Citromax Group formally introduce the establishment of Citromax Desarrollos Inmobiliarios S.A.U and unveil its pioneering endeavor, “Punto Tafí” – a cutting-edge commercial and logistics hub situated in Tafí Viejo, Tucumán, Argentina.

Citromax Group, a prominent figure in the citrus industry, is set to convert its former packing house into an advanced commercial and logistics center named Punto Tafí. Positioned strategically at the crossroads of Route 315 and Av. Roca, this ambitious project serves as a key nexus, linking Yerba Buena–Tafí Viejo and Route N°9, providing connectivity to Salta and Jujuy.


Highlighted Project Features:

  1. Commercial spaces and Offices: The initiative involves the transformation of the old 9,000 m2 packing plant into a multifaceted development consisting of two platforms with 13 commercial spaces and 12 offices each, distributed over two floors and planned in two construction phases.
  2. Warehouses for SMEs: The infrastructure will be adapted to accommodate small and medium-sized warehouses, catering to small and medium enterprises engaged in commercial and industrial activities on a smaller scale.
  3. Supermarket: A supermarket will be added along Route 315 with ample parking to meet the needs of the local community and visitors from surrounding areas.



Motivation and Objectives:

The company aims to generate a positive economic impact in the area by providing an accessible space with new amenities in Tafí Viejo, creating a unique hub for the development of the local economy. With a long-term vision, Citromax aspires to position the development as a comprehensive entrepreneurial and logistical center, addressing a wide range of personal and professional needs.

Our mission transcends mere construction; we aspire to be catalysts for dreams and agents of transformative change in people's lives. Beyond creating physical structures, our goal is to forge meaningful opportunities that empower individuals to realize their personal and professional aspirations.

– expressed Alex Literat, Director of Citromax Desarrollos Inmobiliarios S.A.U.


Distinctive Features and Added Value:

The project stands out for its scale and the diversity of services offered. In addition to commercial and industrial spaces, it features green areas, 24-hour security, and a public square with playgrounds to enhance the quality of life in the community.


Focus on Sustainability:

Citromax Group explores the possibility of promoting the project as a sustainable entrepreneurial center, incorporating sustainable practices such as the separation and collection of classified waste and the consideration of solar panels.


Contact and Future Stages:

Currently, the development is in the initial stages of warehouse subdivision, with a plan to conclude by May 2024. Marketing will commence in March 2024, and the construction of the first phase of commercial spaces is expected to begin in May of the same year.



Citromax Group takes pride in this project, marking the launch of its new phase as a developer, providing the region with a unique commercial and logistics center that will drive economic growth and offer unprecedented opportunities for local entrepreneurs.


About Citromax Group:

The success achieved by Citromax Group is the result of diligent family management that began in the mid-1960s with Jacob Glueck and has continued under the leadership of his daughter, Vivian Glueck. Citromax’s excellent reputation in the food ingredients and flavors sector arises from the Gluecks’ commitment to growth, innovation, excellence, and sustainability. This commitment has expanded today to the construction sector, with the goal of continuing to enrich the quality of life for people in its area of influence.