Sustainable Donations 2023

Sustainable Donations: Contributing to Circular Economy and Community Development

Sustainable donations represent an avant-garde course of action that drives the circular economy at Citromax. Beyond the excellence in our products, our company stands out for a strong commitment to environmental preservation and the progress of local communities. It is in this context that we carry out various triple-impact initiatives, applying advanced concepts of circular and social economy, with the firm purpose of reducing resource consumption, minimizing waste generation, and providing optimal added value to materials.

What are sustainable donations?

One of the most outstanding initiatives within the Circular and Social Economy Program and the Sustainable Institutions Program involves the reuse and revaluation of recyclable materials generated throughout our production process. These materials are strategically donated to collaborators, educational, social, and cooperative institutions, who transform them into useful resources for their diverse activities.

Sustainable donations stand as a concrete manifestation of the circular economy, seeking to close the life cycle of products and materials, thus preventing them from becoming waste. In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 12 (responsible production and consumption), the circular economy emerges as an effective tool to contribute to global sustainability goals.

In commitment to this vision, Citromax donates materials in disuse to participating organizations, adapting to their needs and specific projects. In addition to receiving the materials, beneficiaries of these sustainable donations also benefit from training and advice on innovative forms of reuse and revaluation. This strategy fosters creativity, innovation, and environmental awareness, while contributing to the economic, social, and professional development of local communities.



Materials donated include bins, pallets, drums, scrap, among others, which are used to manufacture various items such as waste containers, composters, ecological ovens, planters, pot holders, tables, chairs, sofas, merchandise, and more.


Some numbers…

  • In 2023, directly reaching over 1,295 students in the Citromax influence area.
  • 2,105 units of recyclable materials were donated to 64 territorial actors.
  • 38 units of materials in disuse were donated to Cooperativa Libertad through our Circular and Social Economy Program.
  • A total of 4,814 donations were made, thus consolidating our commitment to sustainability and community development.


This approach not only prevents materials from becoming waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving natural resources but also improves the quality of life for people, strengthens local capabilities, creates employment opportunities, and promotes environmental education. The company aspires to continue expanding its network of strategic alliances, as well as sharing its knowledge and experience with the new generations.


December 28, 2023.