World Environment Day, June 5

World Environment Month for Citromax Group

Throughout June Citromax organized a series of activities to celebrate World Environment Day, with the aim of generating strategic links between members of the company and organizations and institutions in the area of influence, promoting synergistic action in pursuit of environmental care and in the generation of sustainable actions.

On June 3, we carried out the workshop “Formando Futuro” linking young people from our area of influence to the higher education institutions of the province, as well as to the work carried out from the different organisms and provincial agencies in relation to caring for the environment and to sustainable practices. This activity was not only inspiring and a guide for the young people, but also strengthened the bond between the participating organizations, promoting synergistic action.


On June 16, a workshop on biodiversity conservation was held with the assistance of speakers from the Aconquija National Park and the Proyungas Foundation. We seek to create a space for joint work between these organizations and the leaders of our central-south orchards, members of the Management Systems departments and the Environment and Sustainability area. During the workshop, the location of our orchard “El Solco” was recognized and valued as a property bordering the Aconquija National Park with 1,000 productive ha of the total 3,000 ha, with special emphasis on caring for native biodiversity. Proyungas Foundation, within the framework of a joint effort that began in 2020, talked on the importance of the Protected Productive Landscapes Program, introduced its operational methodology and revalued these sites as buffer zones for native forests.


On June 21, a theoretical-practical Agroecological Garden Workshop was carried out by Eng. Edgardo Sánchez Tello, head of the Monteros Rural Extension Agency (INTA). It was attended by 4 representatives from the north orchards, 3 representatives from the center-south orchards, as well as 4 representatives from the environment area. And we even made a tour to our agroecological garden carried out by Citromax´s Environment and Sustainability Department, including our own composting area.


To close World Environment Month, we gave a talk on Waste Management at the Río Seco Technical School. Thus, we mark the beginning of a joint work from our Environment office with the first educational cycle of the institution. The objective is to set a workflow that allows them to separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste (paper, cardboard, plastics, metals and RSU), substantially improving the quality of the air and the landscape surrounding the school, since due to the large volumes or deficits in the collection, unfriendly practices for the environment were resorted to, such as the burning of waste. The talk was given by members of the Citromax Group Environment and Sustainability team, and was addressed to more than 200 students and teachers.

As a substantial improvement, thanks to one of the links generated at the previous workshops, we got the recyclable waste generated at these schools to be collected by the Ecological Point of Concepción (PEC). In this way, the PEC will expand its coverage area, accessing places such as Rio Seco (Technical School No. 1) and Villa Quinteros (Higher Education Institute) for the collection and proper disposal of the recyclable waste they generate. We are grateful for all the collaboration received and proud of the results!