Young Professionals 2024

Citromax launches an innovative Recruitment Program for Young Professionals with a Focus on Gender Equity and Personalized Development.

In its ongoing commitment to diversity and the strengthening of local talent, Citromax, a leading company in the citrus industry, is launching a recruitment program targeting young professionals who wish to develop their careers in Tucumán, Argentina.

The program, designed in collaboration with the consulting firm AO Consulting, now incorporates a specific focus on gender equity, promoting the participation of both men and women in each professional area.

Furthermore, the program offers an internal network of mentors and tutors who will accompany the selected young professional throughout their first year in the company, providing comprehensive and personalized training in the production process.



The program aims to attract and develop talent in various areas, providing opportunities for recent graduates and final-year students from diverse fields: Agricultural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Foreign Trade, Public Accounting, Business Administration, and Systems.

Although the recruitment initiative will be promoted in various educational institutions in Tucumán, it’s crucial to emphasize that the program is open to young individuals from all across the country. Citromax aims to attract talent from the region, thereby contributing to the expansion and diversification of its team.



Inclusive Work Environment

At Citromax, we celebrate diversity. We believe that each individual brings something special to the team. In an inclusive and diverse environment, you will find a space where your unique skills and contributions are recognized and valued.

Personalized Development with Support Figures

On your journey to Citromax, you won’t be alone. Each selected Young Professional will have a dedicated mentor who will accompany you throughout the year along your career path in the company. Additionally, you will have a specialized tutor in each area in which you work.

Interdepartmental Rotation

Discover all corners of Citromax! Every 4 months, you will have the opportunity to rotate between departments, immersing yourself in different aspects of our production process. But that’s not all; in each area, you will have a specialized tutor to train you. From the field to packaging, you will experience firsthand every phase of the production process, expanding your skills and industry knowledge.



The recruitment process will be overseen by the consulting firm AO Consulting, renowned for its talent selection expertise, ensuring a transparent and efficient process. The consulting firm will work in collaboration with Citromax to ensure that the selection process is inclusive and reflects the diversity of available talent.

Interested individuals can apply by sending their CV to [email protected] Subject: Jovenes profesionales 2024


Through this recruitment program, Citromax not only aims to boost its own growth but also to contribute to the professional development of the next generation of leaders in various disciplines, creating equal opportunities for young men and women from the province of Tucumán and the region. We want new professionals to have the opportunity to be part of a leading company in the national industry and contribute to the sustainable growth of the province and the citrus industry. The future begins at Citromax!